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Artistic Mentorship

Ready to learn the techniques and mindset that will give you the 

upgrade you need?


Create your Best Portfolio today

Up to 4 Feedbacks
per month

-Falconi revises your projects with
Paintovers and Screen Recording

-Aprox ~ 15mins / feedback 

Members Area 

Unlock the content after subscribing, join channels at Whats app and Discord

+10 hours of content

 You learn my method and
apply to your projects 


Why Falconi?

Direct contact with the artist (whatsapp, email)

11 years of experience as a Digital Artist 

4 years as VFX Generalist 

5 years as full-time freelancer working the top rated agencies


Working partner with amazing studios: 

Vetor Zero, Platinum FMD, Zombie Studio and many more. 

Some clients:


At Unhide Conference 2019

How it works

Video Feedbacks + PSD


From Mid-level to Advanced
Learn Photoshop via video tutorials about 
Digital Matte Painting, Concept Art and Post.
Available material: Recorded videos in mp4,

PSD files shared via Google Drive Folder. Feedbacks sent via Whats app.

You send me your work in progress and get within 7 days a ~15min feedback review created with Photoshop, designed for you.

Student´s Art Gallery

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